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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Featured: Southwest Airlines Magazine

I love it when I get a phone call about something outside of the box, something that requires me to travel and take pictures of all sorts of things/people/objects that I normally wouldn't come in contact with. This time it was Claudia on the other end of the phone. I worked with her back when I did the photography for U.S. Airways Magazine last year. I got more and more excited the more she talked. This time the scale was much bigger, instead of capturing just some images from around Greenville, she was working on an article for Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine about the entire Upstate of South Carolina. It was time to put the top down, grab the fiancée and head for the mountains.

Several weeks, free meals, and 400+ miles later I made the images she was looking for. It was great to see everything finally published in this month's issue! If your flying Southwest this month put down that book you brought and pickup the magazine in front of you. Give it a quick flip through, I think you will enjoy the article!

If your not going to be flying this month here is an index of all the pages on Southwest's site. It's broken into several sections so make sure to check them all out!

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