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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Star Gazing

I've always loved shooting at night but I really love the clear nights when the stars are out. I've tried to shoot some star trail images before but I wasn't too happy with how they turned out. You really need something cool in the forground to offset the swirling lights.

Star Trails over Rochester New York

This was a 140 second exposure I made the other night. The bright light in the image is the moon, and you can start to see the swirling effect of the stars from the earth's rotation. Pretty cool stuff!


  1. I've tried doing star trail shots with my digital but it never looks as nice as it used to turn out with my old film SLR. Even though I try an ISO 50-100 with the digital it always looks really noisy when I do super long exposures. Only sometimes though, it's off and on. I don't get it Lol

  2. Great shot Josh! I agree with Julie, I haven't gotten my digital SLR to work as good as my film night shots yet. More trial and error to do!

  3. Beautiful Josh!
    Love the rest of your work too!

  4. Beautiful night sky, Josh. Great work!

  5. thanks for the comments everyone!