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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Candid. Simple. Timeless. - Greenville Wedding Photography

I've been questioning myself over the last few months, what is my photography really all about? After pondering this question over and over again I finally came up with three big areas that I want my photography to be about.

Candid - The majority of my photos should be candid. Catching people in their element, having fun, being themselves. This isn't to say that a little direction isn't good every now and then, but it is important to capture the true personality of the subject.

Simple - My photography should be simple. Each picture should have a purpose, a subject, without a lot of clutter and distractions to take away from it. My layouts, framing, and website should be simple and not take away from the photographs. Planning a photo session or wedding package should be simple, fun, and easy to do.

Timeless - It is crucial that photographs stand the test of time. The whole point of photography is to manipulate time, capturing a select moment forever. Our style and editing should be able to reproduce that moment many years from now. This is why we don't use a lot of the over-the-top photoshop effects that will look dated just a few years from now.

These three aspects will be crucial to my photography, business, and brand from now on. I've updated my websites with a new intro. Check it out here: J Jones Photography - Main Greenville Site or on our dedicated greenville wedding site: J Jones Photography - Greenville Spartanburg Wedding Photography. Enjoy!

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