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Monday, September 6, 2010

Fresh New Blog Action!

I've been meaning to clean up this blog for awhile. It was getting a bit outdated, and frankly it was a bit cluttered. So tonight I played around with my best friends: HTML and CSS, and we created something fresh and new.

For those of you that subscribe via RSS, throw me a visit and click here to checkout the new layout! Gone is all the junk to the right of the posts and the images are front and center, just like they should be! Hope everyone enjoys!


  1. Nice and clean - I like it a lot. Wonder if there is some way you could still work in a black bg option? Maybe as a slideshow? I'm one of those nuts that loves photos against a black bg.

    Either way, the clean layout really emphasizes the professional quality of your work. Very nice.

  2. Thanks steve! I used to love black backgrounds (and still do!) but now I'm getting away from them. There is just something light and fresh about a white background.

    Black and white are definitely my favorites for photo sites though! I'm sure I'll change back someday!