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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Gear: Nikon D700

It's always a special day when a photographer gets a new camera. It's probably the same for a dentist who gets a new drill (although my camera is a lot less painful).

Nikon D700 with 135mm f2 Lens
Nikon D700 w/ Nikon 135mm f/2 Lens

After my poor Nikon D300 shuttered it's last shutter last week, I had no choice but to box it up and ship it back to Nikon for an immediate heart shutter transplant. In the mean time, I naturally got jealous of all the new sexy cameras that have come out since the D300. Never start looking...

So please don't get mad at me D300, I'm sure I will still love you even if you are 400 less numbers than the new D700.

Nikon D700 w/ Nikon 135mm f2 Lens

So whats so much better about a D700? A lot of really cool technical stuff only camera nerds really care about: Higher ISO, Bigger Viewfinder, Full Frame, More DOF, Better Dynamic Range... So yea, it takes better photos! (Side note: Please don't ever say to me - "Wow thats a nice camera, I bet it takes great photos!" because I will probably tell you "Your mouth makes really nice comments")

Nikon D700 w/ Nikon 135mm f2 Lens

So don't worry D700, I won't be cheating on you anytime soon... least until the D4 comes out!

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