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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sushi Making Night!

Trying to make small talk during our engagement session, I brought up that I'd tried making sushi a few weeks ago. To my surprise, Luke and Sarah had said they had tried it as well! A few weeks later, there we were, sitting around a table with enough homemade sushi to make a few sumo wrestlers full.

And now, a few months later, sushi making night become a great past time! These guys are so much fun to hang out with and definitely know how to roll some rockin' sushi! Here are a few pictures from our last sushi making night!

Home sushi making supplies
Step 1: Cut up everything!

Home sushi making supplies
Step 2: Reward yourself with a glass of Chateau Jones!

Making sushi rice at home
Step 3: Make the sushi rice!

Making sushi at home
Step 4: Lay Nori on bamboo mat, squish on the sushi rice

Making sushi girls at home
Step 5: Watch as beautiful women take care of the rest!

Making sushi rice at home

Rolling sushi outtie at home

Cutting sushi rolls at home
Step 6: Cut em' up and eat!

Sushi making night!

If you like sushi, I HIGHLY recommend making some yourself! Not only is a lot of fun, its also WAY cheaper and in most cases fresher!

1 comment:

  1. So, Funny story. I was scrolling through your blog, and I stopped to show my wife this entry since we're both fans of Japanese Cuisine. She stopped me on a photo of your new fiancée (Congrats btw!)
    Turns out, my wife went on a missions trip to the Dominican Republic with Debra years ago!

    Small world. Just thought I'd share.