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Monday, July 16, 2012

Now with D4 Power!

Have you ever gotten so excited for a package to arrive that you literally waited outside for the brown truck to come down the street? That was me last Tuesday, when my shiny new Nikon D4 was scheduled to arrive. Ok, ok... I also was waiting because I didn't want them to just leave my new $6,000 camera sitting on my front porch (seriously, Nikon you really need to ship things with signature confirmation!!). Either way though, I met the UPS driver outside and bought it inside to safety.

Nikon D4, J Jones Photography

Ever since I started doing photography (hello 2004) I've always been a firm believer that you shouldn't buy new gear until you fully exploit your old stuff, in other words don't upgrade until your old gear is holding you back. Well, its taken me 8 years to get to this point. Sure, I had a Nikon D3 poster on my wall pretty much since that camera came out, so yea, I've always wanted one. But would I have known how to really take advantage of that back then? Heck no! I didn't even really know how to fully use my relatively new Nikon D300 back then!

Nikon D4, J Jones Photography

Ever since my Nikon D300 went off to camera heaven earlier this year, I've had the Nikon D4 in the back of my mind. I only had two problems at the time. 1) I had a wedding to pay for. Meaning I didn't have a spare $6,000 just laying around. 2) Nikon D4's were virtually impossible to get a hold of at that time: like backordered so far the waiting lists were close to 6 months long. So I bought my trusty Nikon D700, which looked and felt pretty much the same as my Nikon D300, but had quite a bit more horsepower behind it in the sensor division. While its served me very well this year, I feel its time to finally take the leap and get the very best camera Nikon makes. The Nikon D4.

Nikon D4, J Jones Photography

So how is it? Pretty freakin awesome so far! I'll be following this post up with a full review, written from a wedding photographer's perspective. Before then, I've gotta learn how to use this beast of a camera, and make some images that can really show off all the great stuff Nikon's packed into this thing. Cannot wait!

Update: I've just finished the full wedding photographer's review of my Nikon D4. Enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. I can't WAIT to hear what you think! Until then, I'll be coveting that camera from afar:) Definitely post more!!