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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So I have been avoiding getting a laptop for a long time. Well technically I have one but it's so old and outdated (256mb of RAM anyone?) that its not really useable. I was flipping through my RSS feed the other day and one of the ASUS Eee pc's came up on my slickdeals feed. I've always found them interesting just because they are so small, lightweight, and cheap compared to other laptops. 

Eee PC

Well as you can see, I ended up buying it. What a cool little laptop! For the techy readers it has a 1.6ghz processor, 160gb hard drive, 1gb of DDR2 ram (soon to be 2gb), 10" LED backlit screen, and 7 hour battery.  It weighs about 3lbs, and has a smaller footprint than a sheet of paper. Not bad at all! 

Eee PC Josh Jones

ASUS also makes a 7" and a 8.9" Eee pc, but unless you have size 4 or smaller fingers, I wouldn't recommend them. The slightly bigger screen is just about perfect too, not too big that it makes the laptop huge, but not so small you get a headache when your using it. Here it is compared to my home setup...

EEE pc vs sharp aquos

Really shows how small the thing is, its about the height of a glass of water. If you have been borderline on getting a new laptop, check these things out, I really love mine!


  1. I've been drooling over the netbook form factor for a while now. That 10" screen size does look perfect. Pair it with an external USB card reader and it's perfect as an image tank on the go. me = jealous!

  2. It actually has a built in SD card reader, so if you shoot one of the SD card cameras your good to go. I wish it had a compact flash reader instead :(