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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Albums, Prints and Frames

It's been nice not being at school for the past week. I've been able to catch up on some sleep, printing, album making, and some framing. When you shoot 25,000 images a year it takes a lot to keep them organized and useful. 

Here is how I keep my stuff organized:
  1. I tag all my images with the date and subject
  2. I pick out my favorites from each shoot
  3. I touch up just my favorite shots from the shoot
  4. I then save them in a seperate favorites folder (one for each month)
  5. In that folder I have a folder for resized images for posting to the web
  6. I keep backup copies of all my images on a 1tb external drive
I just started doing this about a year ago but it really helps you keep your head on straight. This way when I want to locate my favorites from each shoot, its easy, I just open up my favorites folder from that month. 

I order prints of these favorites to frame. I think its extremely important to print your work. There is nothing like seeing one of your images framed on the wall. 

Here is some of my latest work:

Josh Jones Photobook
Lisa & Alan's Wedding Album - I really liked the suede cover on it!


Some 11x14" and 16x20" prints I did for them

Too much stuff to frame

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