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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Temporary Issues...

Well I guess this is a good thing. My host for the past 6 months, Photobucket, seems to think I have overgrown their monthly bandwidth limit for this month. They offer up to 25GB of bandwidth for a month and it looks like I've already hit that.

According to Photobucket I have over 1200 images up on this blog and between them all I've had well over 200,000 hits in the past month alone! This is craziness! Flattering, but crazy! Well anyways, I'll have to figure out a new strategy for uploading images...

So sorry about the inconvenience, everything should be fixed soon.

Edit: I just signed up with a new host that I will be using from now on. The photos should now load noticeably faster as well! I relinked all the photos in my last post so they should be working. As for the others, they will be up whenever Photobucket flips over to a new month. I need some sleep, it's too late for this!

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