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Monday, November 3, 2008

Infrared Photography

A few months ago I discovered a totally new type of photography; Infrared Photography. It's incredible being able to take pictures of things that you cannot see with the human eye. Not to get too into the physics behind this (trust me I can, I have a degree in it) infrared photography takes images of wavelengths of light above 720nm. The human eye can typically pick up wavelengths of light between 400-700nm. Our eyes pick up the various wavelengths of light as different colors. This means that anything outside this tiny range is invisible to us. Not with Infrared Filters!

Infrared Photography - Josh Jones Photo

Infrared filters block out anything below 720nm (depending on the type of filter). Since the sensors in our cameras can pick up anything from 400-1100nm, this leaves just the "invisible" range that our eyes can't see. Normally cameras try and block things in this range from being picked up in the picture because, lets face it, it's pretty weird (and creepy at times). These filters are typically a little more expensive but are a ton of fun to use! You can read more about this type of photography here!

Infrared Photography - Josh Jones Photo

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