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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Stopping Time

I was in the bathroom a few minutes ago (why I always have deep thoughts in there I still don't know!) and I was thinking about how fast time goes by! It seems like it was only a few days ago that I was leaving Rochester to be here in South Carolina. Usually when I have a problem like this I Google it. This is was no exception. Have you ever read those Yahoo answer things? I read something like that about a 25 year old that thinks time is going too fast. Soon I'll probably be that old and not even realize it!! Here's what he said...
"I turn 25 today. And time is passing so quickly, I'm terrified.

I know other people are aware of this; it comes with aging. Maybe our memories condense, like a defragmented drive. I used to feel the fear occasionally -- in the dentist's chair, for example (wasn't I just here? IS THIS PURGATORY?). But for the last year or so, the fear has always been around the edges of my consciousness. Sometimes it comes on so strong I have to force it from my mind to function.

It seems like I'm always going to bed, if that makes any sense. Discovering another day has passed."
Someone wrote back this...
"In my experience, fear of getting old and dying too quickly is very closely tied to a fear of wasting your life. Nobody wants to be on their deathbed going, "Wait, what did I do with my life? It flew by so quickly!" So how do you combat it? You make sure you're doing stuff now that you'll look back on with pride and fondness. Live your life now in a way that you'll be happy to remember. When you're busy living an amazing life, you might find that time passes just as quickly (maybe even more so!), but you'll be so busy and satisfied, you won't have time to panic about it."
I really liked that answer! I hope that it inspires you as well! Maybe this is a deeper reason behind my obsession with photography... it gives me the rare chance to not only slow time down, but completely STOP it... 

Stopping Time

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  1. Inspiring thoughts with a great photo. Great post Josh.