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Sunday, October 5, 2008

A night at the BMW performance center: Part 3

So as you have been reading I had an awesome chance to visit the BMW Performance Driving School and raise money for cancer at the same time.  I went with a few of my friends from BMW and we got there early and started off on the off-road course they have there. It's a massive course with several man made mountains, bridges, rivers, and potholes. 

Wading through a few feet of water in a BMW X5

It was great to see how the cars I work on everyday preform off road.  I wasn't disappointed, it was very controlled and didn't have any problems, even when we had it up on 2 wheels during part of the course. 

BMW X5's headed up a steep hill

We also had a section of the course which brings the cars on a steep sideways gradient. These cars can just about reach a 45° angle without flipping over.

Trying to flip over an X5

The best part was the frame testing section where the car gets up on two wheels and teeters on top of this huge hill. It's incredible how the X5 routes the power from its 360hp V8 to the wheels that are on the ground only. Side note: It's also very difficult to take clear pictures and drive off road at the same time.

Tilting an X5

Overall it was a great experience, especially knowing that it only cost me $10 and all that money went for cancer research.

BMW X3 up on 2 Wheels

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