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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How to improve your photography

People ask me all the time how I take such good pictures. They want some magic formula, trick, or to have me tell them about the magic camera that will make all their photographic dreams come true. There is no trick, no lighting system, no magic lens that will instantly turn you into Ansel Adams. You know why some people can take amazing pictures? It's because they have lots of experience taking pictures, they go out and shoot a couple hundred pictures every week and know what all the buttons on their camera do! The single most important thing you can do to improve your photography is to go out and shoot, experiment with different settings, and learn how your camera reacts. Once you master these things, taking great pictures will come easily to you! Then, and only then can you begin to look at getting a better camera, another lens, ect.

Taken with a 3.1mp Kodak CX7330

Take the above picture as an example. This picture has been featured in National Calendars and was taken with a camera you can buy for under $50 today. I'm sure your camera is a million times better than this one! Go out and learn how your camera reacts to different situations and experiment with different settings. Its not even like it costs anything! Digital is free, so go out there and shoot!

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