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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So I recently got a chance to drive a Z4 M roadster. My friend calls me and soon he pulls up in a dark blue BMW Z4 M roadster. What a beautiful car! I can't believe the power and handling capabilities these car's have. It's just ferocious.

A BMW Z4 Roadster at an Autoshow

My friend had to drop something off so as soon as he leave the car I hopped in the drivers seat. Shifting the 6-speed manual into 1st I heard the beautiful exhaust note. I gave it a bit more gas and was instantly plastered against the back of my seat. As soon as I pulled my head off the headrest we hit 4500rpm and my head was once again stuck to the headrest. Before I knew it I was passing a 25mph speed limit sign at triple that speed. I have to stop driving all these nice cars, I'm just getting spoiled.

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